ValveMaster Benefits


Saves time and improves productivity

One second to remove keepers and one second to install keepers.

Fun & Easy to use

One step operation.  Push down to remove keepers and push down to install keepers.

Safer to use

Will not scratch aluminum heads

Magnet in tool eliminates losing the keepers

Organizer tray keeps all parts in order


Can easily pay for itself with one job

Ideal to work in tight areas

When replacing valve seals with the head on the engine it will work in places no other tool will.
i.e. Toyota/Lexus 3VZFE with head against firewall.  Just remove body from the handle.
It's only 4" long and will fit in places no other tool will.


The fixture is very light with head on it and can be moved easily to any location in the shop in minutes.

Works on all makes and models

Unique Features

Totally new concept in valve workstations
Absolutely nothing can do the job easier or faster

High profit potential Low cost

Works with the cylinder head on the engine or off.

Installs the valve seals perfectly every time. 

Will quickly adjust to all cylinder head configurations.

Organizer tray keeps lifters and other parts in order for accurate reassembly.
Makes readjusting the valves unnecessary